Father Tony Green is the founding pastor of St. John of God Parish.

Father Tony co-pastors St. John of God with Father Victor DeSantis.

St. John of God began as a mission of Holy Innocents Parish where Bishop Frank Betancourt

and Father Dante Tarantini co-pastor.

Our Pastors:
Father Vic Desantis
Father Tony Green

About Us

  • The Catholic Apostolic Church in North America's (CACINA's) history as an independent Catholic Church begins with the establishment of Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira (The Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil) on July 6, 1945. The Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil was established by the late Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa as a result of ecclesiastic and civil persecutions in Brazil in the 1930's and 1940's

  • The Catholic Apostolic Church was brought to the United States by the late Bishop Estefan Meyer Corradi-Scarella who had been consecrated a bishop for that purpose January 23, 1949, from which date CACINA dates its establishment.

St. John of God Parish




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Albany, NY  12203

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